Reconnect with the core of who you are.

                    Emerge from what holds you back.

Empower your potential. 



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You might feel that you've lost a piece of yourself, that life doesn't make sense anymore, or you may be frustrated with yourself for not being able to move forward in the way you'd like to. 

There is clarity to be found in confusion and complexity; you and I will work together to help you learn what's holding you back and to deal with it in a way that feels true to who you are.


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Your heart, mind, and body are inextricably connected; healing and growth will be deepest and most lasting when you connect with all of who you are, inside and out. 

When difficult emotions and experiences don't get dealt with fully, they get stored in the body. You'll learn to pay attention to the mind-body connection to help you be aware of your needs and know what to do with them.


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Most people have emotions they're not sure how to manage - and probably some undesired habits or stuck-ness based on those emotions that they wish they could change.

Rather than just trying to modify your behavior, you'll get the help you need to understand, learn to care for, and deal with those emotions in a way that allows you to heal from the inside out in order to find the direction you need.