It is my honor to walk with clients through whatever they might be facing, but some common themes I see pop up in people's lives are:

Personal Development

  • Identity development

  • Finding/using your personal voice

  • Second-guessing or self-doubt

  • Difficulty making decisions

  • Relationship difficulty/patterns

  • Inner battles

  • Fearing what others think

  • Being hard on yourself

  • Body image & self-love

Career/Creative Development

  • Identifying what energizes you

  • Artistic/creative development

Hardship & Trauma

  • Feeling stuck

  • Feeling the life you know doesn't fit anymore

  • Feeling betrayed or left behind

  • Difficulty getting past old or current hurts

  • Feeling walked over

  • Feeling you don't matter

  • Health concerns


  • Spiritual abuse

  • Crises or disintegration of faith

  • Wanting to feel more connected

  • Disillusionment